Technical Service

At Air-Tec System we know that every company has specific needs that vary depending on many factors: type of material with well-defined characteristics, length of the route, origin and destination of the material, production cycle, and customer objectives. This is why we are committed to offering a consulting, evaluation, and structural design service for dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems.

After a careful verification of the system construction conditions and identification of the available production spaces, our experts assist the customer in choosing the conveying method according to the length of the route and the material’s characteristics and amount.
The system layout study includes the logical development, the configuration of components and machinery equipped with accessories, the design of the lines for conveying both the material and compressed air, and the execution of structural calculations, if necessary, and calculations regarding the consumption of the air or other gaseous fluid that is to be used to convey the material.
We offer a prompt and efficient service for managing the support procedures, updating and revision of pneumatic conveying systems, and bulk handling. We have a staff specifically dedicated to the management of spare parts and after-sales service that is able to fulfill your requests in the shortest amount of time possible.

Design of customized solutions.

  • Support during the startup phase of new conveying systems.
  • Training courses for the adoption of Air-Tec System’s systems.
  • Technical support and setting and calibration services.
  • Supplying spare parts.
  • Maintenance and overhaul of the system.
  • Support for the expansion of existing systems.