Dense-phase pneumatic conveying of bulk materials to optimize your company’s productivity
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Air-Tec System™

Air-Tec System is a leading company in the field of dense-phase pneumatic conveying of bulk materials using compressed gases, air, or nitrogen.

We have developed a state-of-the-art technology that makes it possible to efficiently convey powders and granules used in every industrial sector. We have a Management System certified by KIWA CERMET in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015, which allows us to operate with high quality standards to offer the customer the best solution.
We have a laboratory that can verify the characteristics of the materials to be conveying, and we possess a staff dedicated to the research and development of new technologies to ensure that the customer has innovative and reliable solutions.

Solutions for all materials
We have extensive knowledge of the technologies for conveying bulk materials and a wide experience in the implementation of customized solutions for every industrial sector. The patented Air-Tec System™ conveyors allow the safe conveying of fragile materials, foodstuffs, abrasive materials, delicate materials, plastics, inert materials, and materials prone to bridging.

International Presence

More than 70%
of the systems we produce are exported all over the world.
Our headquarters is located in Calderara di Reno in the province of Bologna, Italy. We have numerous agreements all over the world for the distribution of our systems; contact us for more information.

Our Technology

We have developed a state-of-the-art proprietary technology capable of conveying powders and granules inside a closed pipeline for distances of more than 500 meters and with flow rates greater than 100 metric tons per hour.

Our systems use the dense-phase conveying method to gently push the material at low speed to its destination.

This technology maintains the good quality of the product and protects the integrity of the system, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Air-Tec System™ solutions deliver energy and cost savings and greater efficiency than conventional mechanical conveying systems or dilute-phase systems.

Our Products

We have developed various product lines – Bart, Bart-One, and TPA – to meet the different conveying needs of every industrial sector. You can choose the conveyor that best suits the characteristics of your production cycle with a capacity from 24 to more than 4,200 liters, for minimal or even high flow rates, and to cover distances of even more than 500 meters.

At the customer’s request, it is possible to use our technical support service for sizing and designing the piping, support, and mechanical assembly.

All Air-Tec System™ units are available in carbon steel, AISI 304, and AISI 316 versions (with finishes for food and pharmaceutical use), in the high-temperature version for use up to 250 °C, and in the version for ATEX 21 and ATEX 22 environments.
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