Construction industry

We offer state-of-the-art solutions for the dense-phase pneumatic conveying of bulk cement, sand, and raw materials that differ from each other with regard to ease of design, flexibility of application, and ease of installation.
Our proprietary technology is suitable for installation in confined spaces, but can also cover very long distances. It adapts to different needs of size and layout: it allows large amounts of material (more than 100 metric tons/h) to be conveyed for very short or very long distances, even greater than 500 meters, including vertical sections.
The solutions, designed for outdoor installation, make it possible to optimize both the design and maintenance costs, due to the use of a low speed that reduces wear on the pipes even during the conveying of abrasive products such as sand.
Choose Air-Tec System for:
  • conveying bulk cement and fillers to mixers
  • conveying cement and fly ash or other additives to concrete mixers

The advantages of Air-Tec System’s technology

Reduced maintenance costs

Some materials

Aluminate cement
Bed ash
Black cement
Black sand
Burnt sand
Calcium aluminate
Cement blend
Crushed rock
Dry ash
Fly Ash
Milled gypsum
Mortar mix
Portland cement
Reclaimed sand
Refractory batch
Yellow cement
Convey your materials efficiently