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BLOG - 22 June 2020

Nutraceuticals: new frontiers for dense phase pneumatic conveying

La tecnologia per il trasporto di fase densa di prodotti nutraceutici
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BLOG - 18 May 2020

Conveying of pharmaceutical powders: what are the challenges today?

Pneumatic conveying of pharmaceutical powders to achieve high quality standards and competitive products.
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BLOG - 21 April 2020

Gravity Conveying Systems with Fluidized Motion

How to handle large quantities of materials at a low cost.
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BLOG - 20 March 2020

“Flour is the white gold of life” Carsten Blum

Dense phase pneumatic conveying technology of flour brings significant advantages
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BLOG - 30 January 2020

Powder analysis: do you really know your material?

Why it is important to predict how a material will behave during transport
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BLOG - 23 December 2019

Pneumatic conveying, art or science?

Since the early decades of the ‘900 many efforts have been made to realize a mathematical model able to describe the dynamics of pneumatic transport, but despite everything, the variables involved are too many...
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BLOG - 06 December 2019

It's only 25 years ;-)

Twenty-five years is a quarter of a century … amazing.
Air Tec System is 25 years old.

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BLOG - 14 November 2019

Pneumatic conveying of plastic materials: “Angel hair” I don’t want to see anymore …

How can they be prevented or avoided?

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BLOG - 28 October 2019

Do you want to work calmly and without unexpected events?

Changing or modifying a production line is an opportunity, but it also has some risks.

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BLOG - 02 October 2019

Even carrying coffee ... is an art!

We cuddle your coffee bean
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BLOG - 11 September 2019

Which risks can have who makes an installation with Air-Tec System??

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BLOG - 16 August 2019

We do ONLY this!

Is it better for a company to produce only a product line or to develop different product lines, perhaps even complementary ones?
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